Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Charity Knitting Suggestions?

We have one suggestion of knitting caps for the NICU. I recently took care of a dialysis patient who had a dialysis line "cozy" (to keep the line from irritating his skin). Alot of knitters have been making Tit Bits during the month of October. There's also the Red Scarf Project, the Duulan project, Knit a River, etc. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to leave them here

BTW - I am always on the lookout for any charities supporting efforts to fight Lung Cancer, and I recently saw that String Yarns is selling Yarning to be Well kits, inspired by a customer who used knitting to help her get through chemotherapy for lung cancer. Proceeds go to Cancer Care.

Finally - welcome to Knitting Underway! 100 pairs of socks - you are amazing!!

Yes, my cat is named Laptop. She spends most of her time in my lap, hence the extraordinarily clever name. She was a stray that was eating our birdseed, then we gave her a can of catfood and she moved in.

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Why not knit up one or two or a few chemocaps and donate them to the oncology/chemo center/hospice units in your hospital or in your community.
Please visit
for wonderful patterns to print out complimentary and please sign the guestbook. The "Heather Spoll No Hair Day Hat Program" is the largest charitable knitting program for cancer patients in the world and it is all about knitters helping cancer patients in their community.
Ronni Lynn Spoll
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