Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Welcome everyone!

Hello all!

Thanks for joining the blog! Please feel free to post with any ideas regarding the soon to be formed Webring for Physicians who Knit.

Several people have given suggestions for names for the Webring. One person has also suggested that the webring have a simple name like "Knitting Physicians", and any catchy phrases could be used for bylines or buttons.

If anyone has any kind of graphic design/Photoshop skills, please put up your hand. I am sorely lacking in both, but I am able to come up with ideas.

I've started a Blog Member Links listing as you can see. If you have any friends or colleagues who might want to join our Blog/Webring, please send them this way!

This is so great! If you look on my blog, on the lower lefthand side, I have a few links to knitting docs...sorry I don't have the time to write them out for you here...
Will you take on a 3rd year med student from Australia?
I thank you for your comment.
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