Thursday, July 06, 2006


By the way...

I'm always jealous of people who can knit at work. Sadly, I don't think it would go over well for me to be working on a sock while I'm taking a patient's history.

I wish I could knit while dictating - that would make it so much more tolerable (dictating, not knitting!!)

I rarely knit at the hospital, and I am a transcriptionists. You might as well knit when you dictate, it would be more pleasant to hear than many other things I hear on a regular basis.
Sadly, I always have to use handheld units. If I had a third hand, I'd be set ;).
Hello! I'm an Ophthalmologist in PA, and I'd like to join the group. I have a blog (shared with a non-physician), and I'm always interested in hearing how others fit knitting into their medical lives. Lately, though, I've wished to just fit a little patient care and surgery into my knitting life!

I'm not a physician, however, I would love a doctor who enjoyed knitting! When the doctor walks into the room, I am often knitting while I wait. Some doctors have expressed interesting in learning but say they don't have the time. I've often wished they could sneak in some knitting time at work.
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